Schedule A

1. Is the Schedule A data provided by the insurer also given to any governmental agency?
No, any data sent to the plan sponsor by the insurance company is simply for the plan sponsor’s use in completing the Schedule A for attachment to the Form 5500. No governmental agency receives a copy of the insurance company’s communication about the premiums, commissions, and fees it paid.

2. Are dependents counted on line 1e?
The DOL says you should include dependents in the count reported on line 1e. Dependents generally are not counted for any other purposes on Form 5500 or its schedules.

3. Can you file Schedule A without the EIN and NAIC code for the insurance company reported at line 1?
The current forms allow a “00000" response for the NAIC code. A blank EIN line would undoubtedly cause the EFAST system to generate a letter asking for the data. Ask the plan sponsor to compile the information through their contacts at the insurance brokerage or the insurance company. The Form 5500 Preparer's Manual has an Appendix A that captures the latest NAIC listing, including EINs!

You also may search to identify the EIN of the insurance carrier. These websites permit anyone to access copies of the latest Form 5500 series reports, SEC 11K reports, top hat registration statements and similar exempt fund information filed by any plan sponsor.

4. Tip: A retirement plan sponsor reporting a value greater than $0 on line 4 of Part II must complete Part I of Schedule D.

5. Why is it so difficult to get Schedule A data from insurance companies?
This is one of the great mysteries of life! Unfortunately, there seems to be no sanction on the insurance company if it fails to provide the data. The plan sponsor -- who pays the insurance company -- may be in the best position to get action from the agent or carrier., P.O. Box 675, Petoskey, MI 49770-0675
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